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A Guide to Your Childs First Visit to a Dentist

Front desk at Smile Shoppe Pediatric DentistryAmong the many things that new parents have to worry about is the health of their children, including oral health. The first visit to a dentist is thus an important milestone, and it can have a huge bearing on your child’s dental future. At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to helping your child achieve optimal oral health from a young age, which is why we go out of our way to make your first visit as successful as possible.

When Is the Best Time for the First Visit?

There is no fixed date for the first visit, which is quite confusing for many first-time parents. It is thus up to you to decide when the visit should occur. However, for the best outcome, it should be as soon as your child starts developing their teeth, which usually occurs at between six months and one year.

What to Expect During the Visit?

The first visit, while being an important milestone, does not involve much. It is usually an opportunity to introduce your child to a dentist and oral care. It usually involves an initial dental examination, which establishes your child’s current oral health status and identifies any potential problems such as tooth decay, and gum and jaw problems.

During this visit, you – being a first time parent – will also learn more about oral health care. Some of the things you can expect to learn about during the visit include oral hygiene practices, fluoride needs, teething, nutritional, subsequent dental visits, etc.

Importance of the First Dental Visit

The first visit might not involve much, but it is very important – possibly the most important of all other visits. It sets the pace for future dental visits, and thus its success or failure can be felt for years to come. If your child has a pleasant first visit, they are likely to enjoy future appointments, even when they involve painful procedures. On the other hand, if the visit is unpleasant, they are likely to develop fear and anxiety, which can affect them even in adulthood. For this reason, you should prepare properly for a visit to ensure that it is successful and empowers your child to take care of their teeth.

How to Prepare for the Visit

The best outcome for the first result is a smooth, stress-free, and comfortable time. There are some things you can do to ensure that this is what you get:
•  Avoid causing your child anxiety. If you are anxious about the visit, so will be your child –
•  which is exactly the opposite of what you need. Instead, you should be calm and composed, which will show your child that there is nothing to be afraid of.
•  Choose the perfect dentist. The dentist you choose will have a huge bearing on the success of the first visit. You want someone experienced, but at the same time, friendly and able to put your child at ease.
•  Make your child comfortable about the visit. Letting your kid know beforehand what to expect will go a long way to putting them at ease during the visit. You can get them prepared by buying them some fun books about dental visits. You can also role play the visit at home.

Many people are anxious about dental visits because they had a bad experience the first time. At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we understand how important the first visit is, which is why we are committed to making it great for you and your little one. Call us today at 470-876-8883 and let us help make the visit a success.

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