Core Value: We Approach Every Day With A Positive Attitude


We Approach Every Day With A Positive Attitude

We don’t let our environment influence our enthusiasm. Rather, our enthusiasm influences our environment.

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”
- Charles Swindoll

Our days are filled with activity and action. We work to maintain a fun and positive environment. This gives our patients the freedom to be enthusiastic about their own dental health. We strive to maintain upbeat, positive attitudes because we want kids to leave more confident than when they arrived.

We approach every day with this mindset because we believe that our optimistic energy can influence a positive reaction in our patients. Through our enthusiasm, we hope to create an environment that makes our young patients feel more comfortable and at ease. We understand that many kids come to us nervous or afraid. It is our intention to make the dental office a fun and enjoyable place for kids. Whatever the day may bring we are committed to letting our enthusiasm take center stage.

We are dedicated rising above when our environment gets stressful or hectic. We play a fun game amongst the Smile Shoppe team members to find one positive thing to say to each and every person they encounter. We are choosing to see the good in all situations and pass that good onto to someone else. We never want to withhold a blessing from someone. You never know what someone needs to hear at a given time to brighten their day!

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