Community Involvement

Smile Shoppe's Community Involvement

Our caring and proactive team at Smile Shoppe, where we offer excellent pediatric dentistry and are involved with our community.Smile Shoppe is honored to serve our local community. We are eager to give back to those who have helped to make our practice what is it today! One of our core values is integrity: we practice the values we profess.

Whether through sponsoring community events or providing free dental resources to children in our area, we are committed to active involvement in the welfare of our fellow residents in the Rogers, Springdale and Bentonville areas.

Springdale Public School Prekindergarten's Fall Festival - October 2017

Over 300 people attended Springdale Public School Prekindergarten's Fall Festival on October 26th. Smile Shoppe staff distributed toothbrushes to children to promote good oral hygiene. We also reminded our little attendees and their parents that it is okay to eat sweets on special occasions — but always to brush afterwards!