Sugar and Tooth Decay

 Diet and Dental Habits

Can too much sugar in your teen’s diet cause tooth decay? Definitely! The foods we eat and poor oral hygiene habits are directly related to cavity causing tooth decay! Every second, bacteria feed on the sugars in the mouth. Does your teen starchy food, like pizza or chips? Do they snack on simple sugars, like candy or soda? When they do, sugar is left behind on their teeth. And bacteria—like us—love to eat sugar. Unfortunately, as bacteria eat, they create an acidic waste. Once bacteria take over and feed on the sugars, they can produce enough acid to cause tooth decay. Left untreated, tooth decay can continue to wear down the tooth. This results in the need for a filling, root canal, or other unpleasant dental treatment.

Daily Dental Hygiene

So how can your teen prevent decay and avoid a root canal? Remind them that the less sugar and starch they eat, the less likely bacteria can thrive, grow, and produce decay causing acids. Plus, when we brush and floss every day, we are interrupting the bacteria’s feast! Simple dental hygiene removes the colonizing bacteria, making them incapable of producing enough acid to cause havoc in your child's mouth. Remind your teeth about the importance of oral health and encourage them to create healthy eating habits! For more information, contact us to set up an appointment and and let the experts at Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry help you put your teen on the path to great oral health!