Sugar and Tooth Decay: Are the Foods You Eat Rotting Your Teeth?

Sugar and Tooth Decay

Diet and Dental Habits

Can too much sugar in your child’s diet cause tooth decay? Definitely! The foods your child eats and poor oral hygiene habits are directly related to cavity causing tooth decay! Every second, bacteria feed on the sugars in your child’s mouth. When kids eat starchy food or simple sugars, like candy or soda, sugar is left behind on their teeth. And bacteria—like us—love to eat sugar. Unfortunately, as bacteria eat, they create an acidic waste. Once the bacteria take over and feed on sugars in your child’s mouth, they can produce enough acid to cause tooth decay. Left untreated, tooth decay can continue to wear down the tooth, resulting in the need for a filling, root canal, and other unpleasant dental treatment.

Daily Dental Hygiene

So how can you prevent decay and avoid a root canal for your child? Basically, the less sugar and starch you allow your child to eat, the less likely bacteria can thrive, grow, and produce decay causing acids. Plus, when kids brush and floss every day, they are interrupting the bacteria’s feast! Simple dental hygiene removes the colonizing bacteria, making them incapable of producing enough acid to cause havoc in your child's mouth. Make sure to educate your children and instill good oral hygiene when they are young. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes per brushing. Also, flossing at least once per day helps remove bacteria in areas that are difficult to brush.