Helping a Nervous Child: Calming Your Child’s Fears

Nervous Child? We Can Help!

Got a nervous child on the day of your appointment? Don’t worry; it is common for children to be afraid of going to the dentist. Children’s moods can change constantly. Even a child who has been to the dentist before can get nervous. And that’s ok! As pediatric dentists, we receive extra training to create an atmosphere where your child can comfortably receive treatment. We choose the right techniques to appropriately manage each child’s behavior. For an especially worried child, we offer in-office sedation, including oral sedation protocols. We also use a nurse anesthetist for more complicated cases. For patients with special healthcare needs, we offer general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Our goal is the same for each child: a successful outcome in a safe and comfortable environment.

What You Can Do to Help

Your child will look to you for comfort and guidance if they are nervous on their appointment day. It is a big help if you reinforce to them that the dentist is nice and safe. If they see that you trust the dentist, they probably will too. Try to not talk about the dentist in a negative fashion around your children so that they will not carry over that negativity into their own idea of the dentist. Our office team is trained to make their experience a great one, but it very helpful if parents communicate going to the dentist in a positive manner as well!