Oral Care and Teens: Tips for Healthy Smiles

Oral Care Tips

Oral care is important at any age, but as your child reaches the teenager years they are more prone to cavities because of a poor diet. Kids need to eat a healthy, balanced diet that helps keep bones strong and the mouth free from plaque. Stress the importance of avoiding sugary foods and drinks to keep cavities away.

Teens with Braces

For teens with braces, it is more important than ever to brush and floss regularly! This is will ensure that your teen’s teeth and gums will stay healthy long after orthodontic treatment is complete. Remind your teen to brush at least three times per day. We also recommend that our patients rinse nightly with fluoride rinses that strengthen teeth while they are in braces. Regular and frequent dental visits are important throughout orthodontic treatment as well.

Eating with Braces

From the moment your teen gets braces, they should stick to soft foods. Avoid hard breads and tough, raw vegetables, like carrots. As the teeth start to move, they are likely to feel a little tender. Soft foods will help your child’s mouth feel back to normal more quickly. Also, you do not want them to break a bracket or wire. This could delay their treatment time.