Body Image and Self-Esteem – Improved with About-Face!

Improving Body Image and Self-Esteem with About-Face!

Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry believes that all people should be proud of who they are! We stumbled onto another good website today: About-Face gives girls and women the tools they need to stay away from the constant barrage of media messages that adversely affects their body image and self-esteem. On the website they explain WHY they do what they do.

Why we do it

Studies point to the same problem: the Western culture emphasizes the stereotypes of women and girls. It tells us that thinness is the only way to be beautiful, and puts women and girls at risk for depression and even harmful dieting and eating disorders. Check out these statistics!
  • The number of girls who want to lose weight is a shocking 95 percent.
  • If teenage girls read diet articles, they are five times more likely to start extreme weight-loss measures five years later than ones who don’t.
  • Higher levels of depression in teenage girls stem from body image issues and eating problems.
  • Both women of color and Caucasian (white) women are likely to suffer from eating disorders, like bulimia and binge eating. Learn more here!