First Dental Visit (by 1st Birthday!)

When should parents bring their children to the dentist office for the first time? The answer varies with each child. Studies prove that it’s best for babies to have their first dental visit before they turn 1. Sounds early, doesn’t it? Well, some babies can be born with teeth already since the primary teeth begin to form under the gums before birth. Plus, studies show that parents can pass on cavities to their babies. With early treatment, children are less likely to develop early childhood cavities (previously known as baby bottle tooth decay).

First Dental Visit: Dental Cleaning

Our pediatric dentists are specially trained to identify oral health and growth problems when your baby gets its first tooth. Typically, this happens around age 4 to 6 months. In some cases, babies may even be born with teeth! So you should check your baby’s teeth early on. If we can detect problems and provide dental cleaning early, we can better prevent oral disease. At your first visit, we will also teach you the right methods to clean your baby’s teeth and gums at home. This is important to help your child have a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. For more information, visit: