Diet: Can It Affect Your Child’s Teeth?

You already know that diet can have a huge impact on your child’s overall health. Eating the right foods can nourish the body, help maintain a healthy weight, and keep disease at bay. But can your child’s diet also impact the teeth? Absolutely! The sugar from food and drinks creates a breeding ground of bacteria in your child’s mouth. Bacteria then produce acids that break down tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay and cavities. With simple teeth cleanings and dental fillings, we can stop cavities from becoming worse. But if left untreated, your child may require more serious treatment, like a pulpectomy or tooth extraction. During a pulpectomy, we will remove the diseased pulp tissue and disinfect the remaining nerve tissue.

Avoiding a Pulpectomy

Beyond dental treatment, you can help ensure your child’s mouth stays healthy. It all starts with a good diet full of fresh fruits and veggies and less sugar. Avoid sugar in the form of soda, juice, and sports drinks, and help your child eat fewer starchy snacks, like crackers and potato chips. These snacks stick to teeth, producing more sugar in the mouth. Try snacks such as fresh fruit, veggie sticks, yogurt, or cheese. You can also try pure chocolate if your child wants something sweet. It does not stick to the teeth but melts off of the grooves. If your child does eat chips or desserts, make sure they drink water to wash food particles off of their teeth. To read more on your child’s diet and oral health, click here.