Cavities: Contagious?

Can you "catch" a cavity?

In a way, you can! But regular teeth cleanings can help. You can prevent cavities from even forming! At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend you bring your child in every six months. This is so we can ensure your child’s permanent teeth come in correctly and remain cavity-free later on. Between ages 6 – 12, we can evaluate the growth and development of your child’s teeth as well to assess whether orthodontic treatment might be necessary.

Preventing cavities

A cavity needs a vulnerable tooth, sugar, and bacteria. We all have some bacteria in our mouths. But some of us have more cavity causing bacteria than others. Anyone who has a cavity in their mouth has a higher level of bacteria that produce cavities. When people share food, drinks, utensils, toothbrushes, and other items, they can pass bacteria on to others. Without regular cleanings, bacteria and plaque in the mouth can lead to gum disease and more invasive treatment, such as a root canal. With a simple teeth cleaning, we can remove plaque, provide dental fillings, and help to reduce cavity causing bacteria. To read more, go here: